Skin Analyze Widget API


If you need to use the face age service using api or iframe, this service is for you.
For example: use the face information of your users to use in the ios and android application.

Face Age Analyzed picture

Set Parameters API

Request and Headers

curl --location '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--form 'callbackUrl=""' \
--form 'faceAgeId="zxNPIQyoAWmY9p4DnqrT"' \
--form 'type="skincare-analyzer"' \
--form 'showCamera="false"' \
--form 'showUpload="false"' \
--form 'showFacePoint="false"' \
--form 'access[0]="dark_circle"' \
--form 'access[1]="eye_bag"'

Request Body:

callBackUrl :

Specifies the URL where the analysis results will be sent. This field is required.

Type: string

faceAgeId :

This field is required and includes your own API key. You can find it through the API key tab in the panel.

Type: string

Api Key

type :

Define the analysis display mode. If you set the type to skincare, only the possibility of receiving the image will be displayed, while the skincare-analyze value is entered, the image will be received and the received data will also be displayed. This field is nullable

Type: string Default: skincare-analyze

showCamera :

You can set it to use the camera to load the image. This field is nullable.

Type: string Default: true

showUpload :

You can specify whether users can upload images. This field is nullable.

Type: string Default: true

showFacePoint :

Ability to display analysis points on the face. This field is nullable.

Type: string Default: true

access :

You can set it to display more limited analysis information. This field is nullable. You can send every values that you want.

Type: Array values: 'dark_circle', 'eye_bag', 'eye_wrinkles', 'deep_wrinkles', 'wrinkles', 'acnes', 'pores', 'pigment'

--data-raw '{
  "callbackUrl": "your_callback_URL",
  "faceAgeId": "your_own_FaceAgeID",
  "type": "skincare-analyzer",
  "showCamera": “true”,
  "showUpload": “true”,
  "showFacePoint": "true",
  "access[0]": "dark_circle",
  "access[1]": "eye_bag",
  "access[2]": "eye_wrinkles",
  "access[3]": "deep_wrinkles",
  "access[4]": "wrinkles",
  "access[5]": "acnes",
  "access[6]": "pores",
  "access[7]": "pigment"


This response from the API indicates a successful request with a status of "true". It includes a URL under the "data" field, which provides a link to access a skin analysis widget. Here's a breakdown of the response:

  • Status: The "status" field indicates the success or failure of the request. In this case, the value "true" indicates that the request was successful.

  • Data:

    • URL: The "url" field within the "data" object contains a link to access the skin analysis widget. The URL includes various parameters:
    • faceAgeId: A unique identifier for the skin analysis session.
    • type: Specifies the type of analysis, which is "skincare-analyzer" in this case.
    • access: Indicates the specific skin analysis parameters to be accessed, such as "dark_circle", "eye_bag", "eye_wrinkles", etc.
    • showCamera, showUpload, showFacePoint: Boolean values indicating whether to show camera, upload, or face point options, respectively.
    • callbackUrl: Specifies the callback URL where the analysis results will be sent.

Overall, this response provides a URL that users can use to access the skin analysis widget, along with various parameters to configure the analysis options and callback behavior.

{success} Response 200

    "status": true,
    "data": {
        "url": ", eye_bag, eye_wrinkles, deep_wrinkles, wrinkles, acnes, pores, pigment&showCamera=false&showUpload=false&showFacePoint=false&callbackUrl=Your_callback_url"

{warning} Response 401 : Unauthorized

    "message": "Unauthenticated."

Skin Analyze Feature

After calling the URL received in the API response within your application or website, you'll gain access to the feature section. Here, you can either capture a photo or upload an existing one for analysis.

Face Age Take A Photo

After approving the photo, the analysis process begins, and ultimately, the results of the analysis are returned.

Face Age Analyzed picture

Upon clicking the "Done" button, you'll receive the analysis results along with the uploaded photo at your callback URL.