Getting Setup

Create an account

To utilize the features available on the Face Age platform, registration is a prerequisite through the registration page. You have the choice of signing up via your Gmail, GitHub, or LinkedIn account, or alternatively, you can opt for direct registration using your email address and password.

If you already have an account, you can easily log in through the login page to access and utilize the system's functionalities.


Create a Business

You are now able to create your business.

Business information

Business details page

You can view a list of your businesses on this page. After selecting one, you'll be able to access its detailed information.

Business list


On the business page, you'll find multiple tabs where you can view and manage your business information, as well as access various features tailored to your needs.
One of the crucial sections is the 'API Key' tab. Your unique access token can be found within the 'API Key' section of your business on Each token serves as a distinct identifier, and its usage is deducted from your credit allocation accordingly.
To utilize it, start by clicking on the 'API Key' tab. Next, copy the token and integrate it into your platform to analyze your photos and experience the technology firsthand.

Api Key